Dogs of Fredericksburg

Rizpah the Pit-Lab

“She means the world.”

This is Rizpah! She is almost one year old. Rizpah was adopted from the Stafford SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Rizpah is a tough girl. Her litter was found on the side of the road next to her mother, who was dead. All the puppies in the litter were taken to the shelter where they had to clean them up because they had so many diseases and bugs. For example, skin disease, heart worm, fleas, parasites, and more. Thankfully all the puppies survived and are in loving homes now around the Fredericksburg area. When the owners got Rizpah, they originally thought she was a Shar-Pei Lab mix, but after doing a DNA test, she is actually a Pit-Lab. Rizpah means the world to her owners. She reminds them of the other dogs that they have had, so she is comforting especially after losing their other dogs. Rizpah’s favorite thing to do is swim, although she hasn’t really figured out how to do it yet. Her owners love hiking with her. She is good about coming back to her owners when she’s off the leash on the trails. Rizpah just finished a puppy class, so she can sit, lie down, and make good eye contact. Her favorite toys are made out of a rubber tire material. She destroys any kind of toys, but the rubber tires gives her a challenge. Fun fact, all the puppies in her litter were originally named after board games, and Rizpah’s name was Yahtzee!

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