Dogs of Fredericksburg

Prince the Poodle

“He loves kids and dogs.”

This is Prince! He is a 9 month old Poodle. The owner wanted a dog that would not shed, so she got him from a breeder in North Carolina. Prince loves to run at the dog park and snuggle in bed in the morning. His owner also loves to do these things with him too. His owners are currently training him and are thinking about doing agility, but not for being a show dog. They want Prince to just be a dog and live life as a dog. Prince gives his owners companionship and something to love and nurture. His owners like to learn about him and figure out what he needs, like being at the dog park running around. Prince is very well tempered. He knows when to engage with other dogs and when to take a step back. Prince also loves playing with kids. He thinks everyone is his friend. He is also very obedient, if he understands what is being asked of him. That is why the owners are doing the training, to best communicate with Prince and to learn with him. Being at the dog park also allows Prince to learn by interacting with the other dogs.

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