Dogs of Fredericksburg

Nico the Newfoundland

“He’ll play hard and then he sleeps hard.”

This is Nico! He is a Newfoundland. He is almost one year old and is already over 100 pounds! The owner got Nico at a breeder because they always wanted a Newfoundland, and they wanted to get a puppy because their other dog will soon leave them. Nico loves to eat! He loves treats and will totally beg for food. He also loves to go on walks and play outside, but then when he’s done, he loves to sleep. The owner’s favorite thing to do with him is take him outside too. Nico loves the cold and was excited when it snowed this past winter because he got to play in the snow and eat the snow balls. Nico’s nickname is Goofy because he makes everyone laugh. He has a funny yet comforting personality that can brighten your day. Nico’s favorite toy is a pretzel chew toy that has a chicken flavor, and he’ll only play with the chicken flavored toy! He also likes playing with rope toys and doing tug of war. Fun fact, Newfoundlands have webbed paws, so Nico loves being in water or even just outside in the rain.

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