Dogs of Fredericksburg

Naia the Golden Retriever Lab

“We’ve bonded and grown so much together.”

This is Naia. She just turned one year old. She is a Golden Retriever Lab mix. Naia is a part of Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), which is a national organization that raises, trains, and gives service dogs for free to people who need them. They start with the puppy raising processes, which is what Naia is currently in, and will go on to “college” to do more training to hopefully be placed with someone. Naia means everything to her owner. They have bonded and grown so much together since they started training. Her owner hopes she will grow and learn to help someone in the future. Naia has impacted the community in positive ways. Everyone lights up when they see her, and when they see the yellow vest, they know exactly what she is doing. By training Naia, they’ve educated the community of Fredericksburg with service dog laws. Naia loves to chase tennis balls and going in water! Her owner also loves training her and seeing her learn new things. They are currently working on a “back” command so she knows how to move backward and respond to certain situations. Naia is special because she is rare for a service dog being a female black Golden Retriever Lab. Fun fact about Naia, her name means dolphin in Hawaiian!

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