Dogs of Fredericksburg

Mika the American Pit

“I love the fact that he hikes as a three-legged dog.”

This is Mika! He is a 2 year old three-legged American Pit Bull. He is a Hurricane Irma rescue dog from Texas. He had a botched surgery to fix a femoral break, so he ended up having to lose his leg. It has almost been one year since his amputation, but it only took him about 3 months to be up and ready again for adventures. Mika means everything to his owner. He goes everywhere with her, that he legally can. He’s her rock. The owner’s favorite thing to do with Mika is hike. They go to Shenandoah often and he carries a little backpack on the hikes. Mika gets really excited when he sees the backpack because he knows he’s about to have a great time. Fun fact, he has a bandana coming that says “tripod squad”.

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