Dogs of Fredericksburg

Frost the Corgi Mix

“Everyone is so curious about what breed she is.”

This is Frost! She is 7 months old. She might be a Corgi Beagle mix, but her breed is not completely known because she is a rescue dog. Frost was rescued from Purple Paws. The owner fostered her then adopted her. Frost’s favorite thing to do is go to the dog park and play with other dogs. The owner also enjoys going to the dog park with Frost or just being outside with her running around or going into the water. She can do some tricks like sit and lay down, and is working on learning some more. Frost doesn’t have a favorite toy because she rips them all up! Anything squeaky or anything with stuffing, she’ll rip apart. Frost is special to the owner because she was rescued, and the fact that her breed is a mystery is what makes her so unique.

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