Dogs of Fredericksburg

Dozer the Golden Retriever

“He’s my baby.”

This is Dozer! He is a 9 year old Golden Retriever. The owner got him from a breeder because they knew they wanted a Golden Retriever. His favorite thing to do is sleep on his owner’s bed. His owner’s favorite thing to do with him is take him on walks because he loves going on walks as well. Dozer is his owner’s baby. He is always there for her and sleeps with her every night, that’s why she calls him her baby. She got Dozer to keep their other dog company because they knew their oldest dog was reaching the end. Dozer is special because his owner got to pick him out and felt an instant connection with him. Dozer listens very well and does some tricks. He can sit, jump up for a hug, and give kiss. Dozer’s favorite toy is a stuffed porcupine. He licks its fur and takes care of it like it’s his baby. Sometimes he plays with it so much that it rips and they have to sew it back together. Dozer is a people person dog. Everyone who meets him loves him.

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